Premier Ceramic Coating in Dothan AL

At Ceramic Pro Wiregrass we are a proud Ceramic Pro installer providing only the best ceramic coatings for your vehicle.

Ceramic coating Dothan ALis a state-of-the-art, easy-to-apply liquid polymer sealant that provides an invisible barrier against anything from natural contaminants and acid rain to tree sap, bug splatter and more. Ceramic is guaranteed not to yellow, peel or chip, EVER! 

As certified Ceramic Installers, the professionals at Ceramic Pro Wiregrass in Dothan, AL are experts in ceramic coating Dothan AL for cars. Adding great ceramic car detailing to your vehicle is the perfect way of protecting it from dirt and debris. You will drive away knowing that this detail has helped keep you safe behind the wheel without having to worry about scratches, swirls, or other paint damage thanks to its durable protection against harsh elements like water!


Ceramic coating is a protective ceramic layer applied to the surface of your car. Ceramic Pro Wiregrass offers ceramic coating Dothan AL for cars, motorcycles, and trucks. It also makes cleaning easier because instead of dirt sticking to the top layer of paint, it sticks to the ceramic coat, wiping it off with ease. You can also visit our About page to know more about our company and services.

We guarantee ceramic coating Dothan AL for your car will be a good investment. Call us today at (334) 547-4930

Ceramic Pro is a multi-layerable liquid nano-ceramics coating which transforms itself upon cure to become 3x stronger then traditional varnishes while still being flexible enough not to crack under pressure. This technology allows drivers new levels of toughness combined with ease in cleaning their vehicle without worry about dirt build up thanks to its ability. 

Some of the major benefits include:

  • Unmatched Gloss Levels
  • Extreme Hydrophobic Properties
  • Self-Cleaning technology
  • Bug Gut & Bird Dropping Protection
  • Anti-graffiti & Anti-fade
If you are looking to take the look and protection of your vehicle to the next level, then our ceramic coating Dothan AL packages will do just that. We guarantee you will be satisfied with the results. Take the time to read over the different options and click “book now” when you are ready. 

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Our pricing Packages


  • Wash
  • Decontamination
  • Clay Bar
  • Polish + Ceramic Pro Application To All Painted Surfaces


  • Wash
  • Decontamination
  • Clay Bar
  • Polish + 1 Layers ION Base Coat + 1 Layer ION Top Coat
  • Wheel & Caliper Applied to Wheel Face
  • Ceramic Pro Glass Applied to all Glass Surfaces
  • Ceramic Pro Plastic Applied to all Plastic Surfaces


  • Wash
  • Decontamination
  • Clay Bar
  • Polish + 2 Layer ION Base Coat + 1 Layer ION Top Coat
  • Wheel & Caliper Applied to Wheel Face
  • Ceramic Pro Glass Applied to all Glass Surfaces
  • Ceramic Pro Plastic Applied to all Plastic Surfaces


Ceramic coating is a protective ceramic layer applied to the surface of your car. It will help reduce those pesky swirl marks and scratches while it’s on there! The best part about it, once you’re ready for a fresh new look, strip off the layers with ease and bring out that other-worldly shine underneath!

A car’s finish is one of the most significant investments most people make when shopping for a vehicle, so it makes sense to protect that investment as much as possible. There are many ways to do this but none greater than adding a coating treatment. This process will help keep your paint looking new and maintain its value. Ceramic coating Dothan AL last a long time protects your vehicle’s finish and maintains its value.

This is the only process that can offer 100% paint protection. Our experienced technicians have over 10 years of combined experience in the industry. We work on any make or model so contact us today!


#1 – Ceramic Pro Brings Customized Solutions To Specific Materials

The best ceramic coating Dothan AL like Ceramic ION are customized for specific materials that vary in porosity. For example, glass is more porous than clear coating on paint so the percentage of carrier solvents and SiO2 must be different to bond them correctly. This is why Ceramic has customized solutions for the specific material it is applied to.


#2 – Provides A Superior Barrier of Protection On Multiple Surfaces

The Ceramic  is engineered for the different materials on your car. It will produce a superior barrier of protection that can be seen in its hardness level on all surfaces, including exterior and interior finishes!


#3 – Ceramic Pro Provides Enhances The Look Of Your Vehicle

A common misunderstanding of how ceramic  work is that they produce gloss and shine. This isn’t entirely accurate, though it does enhance the surface underneath by magnifying its features when cured. If your vehicle has any scratches or what we call spider-webbing on surfaces like paintwork, these are often highlighted instead of covered up by a coating if you don’t do some prepping beforehand with polishing / buffing out those flaws first.


#4 – Works On Your Car’s Interior Too!

A strong coating of interior-specific Ceramic Pro coatings will help to repel liquid, making clean up simple while reducing the potential for staining. These beautiful and durable finishes can be applied on any surface in order to give it a long lasting performance that looks good as new!


#5 – Spend Less Time Detailing Your Car

When applied to your car, Ceramic ION is the ultimate protection. It prevents dust and other debris from adhering onto your paint job for an easy wash with no fuss.

Arguably one of the best attributes about a nano-ceramic like Ceramics Pro ION is how user friendly it makes washing; when you have professional auto salon apply this coat on to any type of vehicle: be it yours or someone else’s, most people find that they’re able to easily clean their cars without getting all mucky themselves in the process!